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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mod Day!

apparenently it's Mod Day for Mimo and I. Seeing as i have no reason 2 stay up tonight just to do MOD Stuff. I figured you could all see the mod updates now! just like mimo someone was demoted so much, they were taken off the list. Congrats though to Azzy Bazzy! who IS NOW OFFICIALLY A HICB MOD! CONGRATS! KEEP UP THE INCREDIBLE COMMENTING! the other new mod is COOL KID! HE (I know this for a fact) LIVES ON OUR BLOG! HE IS awesome! congratulations! Also omega congrats to Tboyman for becoming a CPG MOD. Keep up the incredible work! Also, House update coming tomorow. :) Doctor House has one more thing that you all need to do... so get ready for the big one.

Hmm??? What is going on Mimo?

So, it looks as if Stickers303 has been de-moted from Mimo Mod all the way down to Super Mod. I feel bad for Stickers because for those who don't know, he's moving so he can't Mod. I'm sure as soon as he gets internet back he'll get back to Moding. Confu and Leggo were both taken off, but that makes sense because for those who dont know they quit. What i find weird though is that Stickers got de-moted a ton and Sand Flipper (I have absolutely no personal problems with nd i think she's totally awesome) who hasn't commented or Moded much is still a legendary mod. What's going on? When mimo said he might demote people i got scared. I try to keep up, but it's really hard. Especially with all the end of the school year stuff. oh well. i only have 14 days left of school so until then, my Modding won't be as good as it usually is. I swear though from the day i get out of school to the day i leave 2 go 2 the M state, I will work so hard when i come back from the M state i would have been premoted. :) You'll see :)

Update: Mimo mod position is empty... Sand Flipper got demoted all the way to Mod (i agree with what mimo did) and TBOYMAN BECOME A MOD! i replied to mimo's twitter post and told him i think Tboyman should become a MOD. AND HE BECOME ONE! CONGRATS! I AM VERY HAPPY FOR YOU! NOW KEEP UP YOUR GREAT WORK! AND I HOPE YOU CONTINUE TO BE AN INCREDIBLE MOD ON MY BLOG TBOYMAN! are there any updates i missed?

One more thing.. I'M NO LONGER A MIDDLE MAN! AWWW! at least all the previous middle men with me are all still up there with me! The new middle men are Stickers303, Sand Flipper, and Mr.Pengiewin. I shall post on all there sites telling them they are the new Middle Men. YEA MIDDLE MEN! lol. (for those who don't know what middle men are go back a ways in my posts and check it out)

Way Earlier on...

So way earlier on (In the fall) Before i even knew what CPG was, i made a few random songs with my labtop. I've decided to make a few random sing-a-longs. I promise you these songs are so random you could die laughing. In a matter of fact one of the songs is called Die Laughing.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Doctor House just got his test results back

Some of you are right... The pizza is what caused Doctor House to feel sick. The real question though, is, is it the crust, the sauce, or the cheese that made him sick? Doctor House also figured out there is another item that makes him sick. He won't release any information about that item, but all he can say is that it is similar to an item that is used to make pizza. Hmmm? Confused? I think i am.

100 authors site is up and being authored on!

SO THE 100 AUTHOR SITE IS UP! Email me at happywagondude@gmail.com if you want to be an author on it. scroll down to read all about the 100 author site. Here is the link to the site... www.cpgcommunity.blogspot.com we already have 5 authors! anyone can be an author and you can write about ANYTHING! so come check it out nd if u want 2 b an author email me at the adress i provided.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Adventure Party Start-Up Screen!

There is yet another sign of the Adventure Party coming to Club Penguin! There is a new start-up screen when you click "Play Now"! Wow it looks cool, I can't wait! How pumped are you people?

I have an incredibly awesome idea that you will all love.

ok, so a few weeks ago when i de-authorized tboyman, i realised it says i can have up to 100 authors. I then thought about how cool it would be if 100 people all were authors on a blog. They could write about CP, and anything they wanted! i would be the only admin though (Sorry everyone, but i don't want this thing being messed up by anyone) So I think I will have that awesome blog lol! how cool would that be. There would be a new post all the time. Email me at Happywagondude@gmail.com if you think that would be a cool idea, and if you are interested in being an author on this thing. let's try to get 100 authors! i should have the site up by 2mrw along with the url. Also, you can write about ANYTHING! doesnt even have 2 do with cp! and the adress won't be anything like CP ROCKIN! it will be something cool. If you have any ideas for url names email me at that adress above with an URL name that you think may be cool. ~Happywagon

Hey. Sorry I forgot about the cheats lol

So when the card jitsu stuff came out yesterday i felt so releaved because that meant i woulldnt have 2 stay up late and post stuff. Well, i forgot about the sports catalog haha! so here is the one and only cheat. to get to the new sports catalog go to the map and go to the ski village. Then go into the snow and sports shop and click on the catalog in the lower right hand corner. On the first page if you click on the ball to the right of the word "Soccer" a green soccer outfit will come up.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Doctor House Hint 2

Hey. I think i figured out what was in the Original Doctor House get's sick CP Footage and the second video diary that made Doctor House sick, but it wasn't in the first video diary. My hint is that it starts with a P. That means this item is what made Doctor House sick! i think we figured it out! i'll have Doctor House Run some tests on this thing that starts with a P. I'm pretty sure I got it. Do you people even know what is going on??? House is currently sick from doing something in the 2nd video diary. So the only things he did in the 2nd video diary is look at the rock, the pink puffle in the pool, bob (House's Blue Puffle he got at the pet store) and the pizza and the ice cream. One of those things he examined in this video, he didnt examine in the first video diary. What is it? It seems like none of you even understand that HOUSE DID SOMETHING IN THE 2ND VIDEO THAT HE DIDNT DO IN THE FIRST VIDEO DIARY THAT CAUSED HIM TO BECOME SICK! Seeing as he became sick after the 2nd video diary but not the first shows that he did something in the 2nd video diary he didnt do in the first. and that thing is eat P-----... Fill in the blank people! c'mon! lol. It's not that hard!

A Club Penguin Turbulent Thursday

Wow, a lot of stuff is going on in the Club Penguin World. First, you can now view your Card-Jitsu cards and belt progress! (I know, I'm only a white belt, haha) Just click the card icon on the lower right hand corner to check it out. Ok, so I'm sure by now we have seen the picture advertizing the Club Penguin Adventure Party (I attached it too, just in case), but Club Penguin has just announced it! It was in today's new Club Penguin times! Check it out!

***Card-Jitsu doesn't seem to be working for me at the moment! My cards aren't showing up, and they wont let me click them. Are any glitches happening to you?***


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Doctor House Video Diary 2 of 3

Edit: When House is in the pizza parlor, because of clubpenguins grammar symbols lacking skills, it is suppose to say "All pizza is, is cheese and sauce." so saying that pizza is made out of cheese and sauce and that's it. Hope i made that clear. Look Below

MAJOR IMPORTANT UPDATE! DOCTOR HOUSE IS CURRENTLY SICK AFTER DOING THESE EXPIERIMENTS! SOMETHING IN THIS VIDEO CAUSED HIM TO BECOME SICK! the strange thing is that he did not become sick after the video diary 1 of 3 video but he did get sick after both this video and in the original footage we saw that caused him to get sick. What is going on! What is causing him to get sick! augh! also comment on what doctor house told you to comment on...

Dojo Igloo Contest!

Billybob posted on his blog and let us all know there will be a dojo igloo decoraring contest! It will run from June 1-13. The winner will be announced in the June 18th issue of the Club Penguin Times, and will recieve a grand prize of 25,000 coins! The runner up gets 15,000 coins, and there will be 18 other winners. To enter this contest you have to be a member, and have to be a black belt ninja! Let's see if any of you Happywagon's Insanely Cool Blog fans can win!


hmm...I wonder how Doctor House got sick...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Here's a Hint for Doctor House's Video Diary 1 of 3.

The Rock Doctor House Loves So much. He has visited it every single day ever since he was born (no joke everyday @ 6 P.M. PST he shows up there on ice shelf for 10 minutes then he leaves.)
The Bincoulars That are to small for Doctor House's Eyes could have very well infected his eyes.

Doctor House's Blue Puffle that he got with bubble gum on it.

The pool is swam in by dozens, but that mysterious Pink thing in the pool maybe what caused House's Sickness.
Doctor House ate tons and tons of pizza. He loved it. Until he ate to much and some of it came back up.

The ICE CREAM! lol. So funny. Yea House uses this to cure people all the time and he himself loves it.
the adopt a puffle catalog is quite an interesting piece of evidence that may have caused House's sickness. Why is it so interesting? Because tons and TONS of penguins use it.

Anything he has been doing has to go. Yes it is true that you can develop allergies, but anything he has been doing his whole life has to go. Also, Another thing that can be eliminated is something that isn't quite so obvious. If everyone has done something, and only House got sick, theres no way that could have been the cause of his sickness. That eliminates two things. Here's some pictures of all the pieces of evidence that could have caused house's sickness.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Doctor House Video Diary 1 of 3.

His description in the video says "I do some investingating on what may have caused my sickness... All Disease info will be posted on Happywagons blog by June 10th, so it's way to early in the game to guess now. I will post a post once all the info is out and you can all post your guesses in the comment section of that. until then don't waste your breath guessing. "

That pool thing seems quite suspicious... to bad doctor houses camera had some problems :? hopefully he will tell us in the next video what the pink slimy thing in the pool really is.

Sports Catalog Sneak Peek!

Billybob posted a sneak peek of the Summer Sports Catalog that comes out this Friday! It looks like there will definitely be some swimming stuff, but I'm not sure of what else is going to be in there. I guess we will just have to wait until Friday to find out! Hope your having an good Memorial Day, and an awesome day off of school!


THE PLANTS ARE GOING TO ATTACK ME! Rockhopper plants are invading clubpenguin. I'm thinking we may see a jungle party coming up soon.

Also, Rockhoppers ship has less plant life now. If anyone find rockhopper let me know if he has a new background with less plants on his ship but more plants on the ground. These plants are really creeping me out. They could attack me at any given moment. House said he has something coming later on. Thanks Azzy Bazzy.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

That was an awesome random party

IT'S THE VIDEO! and i put a song on the playlist just for it haha.

haha that just rocked the house. probably only about 5 or 6 of u know what rocked the house. i had a random party. totally un announced. i just went on cp and then more people came and we rocked out. first we all dubbed the crows nest as happywagons fort and we all attacked anyone who came up there who wasnt with us. lol. Then we went down to the boat and hid behind everything possible. after that we went to the cove did some hula dancing and then i had to leave. haha. I made a short video. the best part was us attacking random people. When we were attacking people this random person papermario97 came up to the crows nest and i swear he though he was rockhopper. he was like "Ahoy" then we all attacked him and he was like "Aye Aye Mateys" WHILE WE WERE ATTACKING HIM! he refused to leave so we left lol. Here are some pictures. I will post the video later on.

Who should be the next mod?

hey! we have Mod updates coming in a week or so. I think i know who i will chose to replace Matthew722, but I need one other person. Who should be a Mod? Comment to share your opinion. Also, Current Mods, you have to keep working! Tboyman has been doing great, but stickie408 and Nvidia101 have sort of dropped the ball. If Mods stop commenting then i will take them off the Mod list. Please don't vote for people because they asked you to though. THANKS! ~Happywagon

Note: Don't vote for youself please.

Note 2: This is just in general... the chat has NOTHING TO DO WITH commenting.


I made a facebook so i could comment on mimos new facebook without being afriad i might get stocked. i am working on it so its cool. but if you see me comment on mimos page add me. also i recomend if u use facebook 4 cp stuff make a cp facebook name just 4 cp so then no one can track u down. :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

More Doctor House Stuff...

I just got an email from Doctor House...

Hello everyone. I have done some more research and although i'm doing fine now, i felt quite sick and terrible. I have recently gotten the video of my adventure before i got sick from clubpenguin. I will have happywagon upload the video tomorow. I am also now making Video Diaries that i will have happywagon upload whenever i make a discovery. I still have no clue what it is that caused my sickness, but all i know is that if i got it that means others on clubpenguin can get it to. Hope to have you all help me out. Thanks. ~Doctor House.

Hmmm... He feels better but he can't figure out what caused the sickness. I feel so bad for him. we should all help him figure it out. I guess the video tomorow will give us the basic info and idea of what may of caused his disease. He also said to me the other day on Gmail something about a "prize for who ever figures out what caused his sickness first" I guess after he is all done posting his stuff, he will have me post something for you all to comment and say what you all think it is.

Also, Matthew722 has resigned from being a MOD. he has to MOD on clubpenguingang and he is also an author on 3jel's site known as http://www.3jel97.wordpress.com/ I love there site and i will miss matthew722 modding on here. At least i can see his awesome posts at 3jel97's awesome blog. Peace out everyone... going rockhopping :)

I found rockhoppper again....

I have found rockhopper 5 times within the past hour and a half haha. Here's some pictures i got.

You can't see rockhopper in that picture, but he was there lol.

I can never get a good picture of him. I promise by the time rockhopper leaves i will get a good pic of his face lol. He has Yarr with him by the way. See...

Make sure to click on the box button when you find him and get the new rockhopper background. Here is my player card with his new background.

I haven't been able to figure out whats up with the plants though haha.


haha i almost forgot about the pin. the new pin can be found in the pizza parlor to the upper part of the stage. To get to the pizza parlor go to your map, click on the plaza, then go to the pizza parlor. See.

LOL i almost forgot about this. thank you U Fride for going to the pizza parlor so i could go there with you to find the ice cream sundae haha.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Hey. Rockhopper is here with a new free background, and his plant filled pirate ship. I was expecting like a note or something like that but there isn't anything. guess we have to find him to hear about the plants. Sorry these pics are so small. You can click them to enlarge them.
To get rockhoppers free item go to the beach, then go onto rockhoppers ship. once there go into the ship hold. once in the ship hold click the scroll map looking thing in the bottom right hand corner and you should get to the shop. then click on the receive item and bam! free item.

Not an extremely exciting friday.

Mysterious spots...

ROCKHOPPER IS BACK... and so are his mysterious spots in the newspaper. Here they are...

The reason why House didn't report the diseases info on wedsday...

So as you can all see Doctor House didn't tell me what to post on wendsday. I just got off Gmail Chat with him and he said to me he wasn't feeling great. He said he has gotten a stomach ache, and he is afriad other penguins around town will being to get this disease. He has learned the good news is that it isn't contagious, BUT you can get it from touching something in Clubpenguin. Doctor House can't figure out what it is. He will tell me more of what topost later when he gets more research done.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What do you think about this idea...

for 15,000 hits on my blog when i get it, i will have a pretty sweet week that week. i will change the banner every day to everyones favorite banners from the past, i will have remember whens, and oh yeah, i will have my favorite old posts. :)


Ok, so in my last post doctor house posted a secret message backwards. He has discovered some sort of disease in clubpenguin, and is concerned other penguins may get it. He will be recruiting researchers and happywagon fans to help him as he blogs about this disease, his research, and what me may think about it. Info coming Wedsday about the disease. Keep your eyes open for the latest info about this unknown disease.

Do we EVER stop partying???

Hey, do we ever not party? i think we should party. WHY!... JUST LOOK AT THE HIT COUNTER! HOW CRAZY IS THAT! To celebrate check it out... go to my first few posts i made in march, then compare them to my incredible posts i make now... CP is getting fairly boring because it always is boring in the middle of the week. The medevial party is down now. So everyone i will talk with redsoxgirl72 about it, and then we will figure out when to do our party, and i'll post all the details and such...

house found a new disease in clubepenguin. More on that later

retal taht no erom .niugnepebulc ni esaesid wen a dnuof esuoh

Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Banner

MAKE SURE TO SEE THE WHOLE BANNER YOU SCROLL OVER THE THE RIGHT! it seems like it says zoo out if you don't scroll over haha.


There it is! part 1 and 2 of the green teams training session and battle. now you know why the green team lost...

(O yea, there's a secret message that fits in with my (no reply) to when the next green vs orange battle will be...)


As we all know Team Orange won. How did they win? well here is my answer. There fearless leader redsoxgirl72 probably didn't get distracted as easily as i did. When asked about my loss i replied "You see, we put up a great ammount of effort, but when the orange team invited us to a tea party i couldnt say no. Little did i know it was a trap." When i was asked if these two teams would meet again i replied "I'm sure they will, i've been thinking and i know the perfect party to have another battle at." What Party? the interviewer asked me. My answer "No Reply."


GO TEAM ORANGE! WE WON! Thanks to everybody who showed up! If you didn't make it, it's ok, but you missed a lot of fun! Team Orange had a blast getting caught in a tornado, dancing on a bridge, eating pizza, running away from the pizza place cuz I couldn't afford it, and finally, TRICKING THE GREEN TEAM INTO THE EPIC FINAL BATTLES! I took a bunch of pics (look up), and Happywagon made a Green Team video that you will see soon. The people that showed up on my team were: Azzy Bazzy, Dadrockstar, nVIDIA101, Asd1033, and Cisco1551. We beat out the Green Team's: Happywagon, Tboyman, and Rrblack (CoolKid). Everyone did a great job, so thanks for coming!

DC Pics!

Happywagon and I went through out pictures from Washington, DC, and we thought we would share 3 of the best with you! The first one is us at the Washington Monument! That huge tower was awesome! It is exactly 555 feet, 5 and 1/8 inches tall! The second pic is us near the White House! We didn't see President Obama, but we saw some protestors yelling for him in a funny accent. The third and final picture is us next to the huge, gigantic, enormous marble statue of Abraham Lincoln! So...how do you like the pics?

sad news

it is official! my buddy list has just enough room for no one. I will still need to make room for wally3046 and the other 2 new mods though. Also, The orange team has unfortunately lost Gamer12356 for he has left for his dads house. please everyone stick with your team at the party! the final thing is Tboyman has officially become de-authorized. see yall at the party! if u didnt sign up you can still come to the party but your automatically on the orange team :) WHICH ROCKS! as awesome as the orange team is, us green teamers will TAKE THEM DOWN!


YAY! lol ok i had my good 2 weeks of music from musicals, now let's get to the real music. i kept up 3 songs that i already had up there, but everything came down and now i have funny/awesome music. :) Check it out.

Friday, May 15, 2009


HEY EVERYONE! SOOOOOO Here are the teams for the party 2mrw. Remember these things,


Team Green

Niknik sport

Team orange

Farmer Rich
Azzy Bazzy


HEY EVERYONE!~ I'M BACK! THE TEAM GREEN TEAM ORANGE POST WILL COME SOON AND EVERYONE WILL KNOW THERE TEAM! ALSO, REDSOXGIRL72 AND I HAD A GREAT TIME IN D.C. AND WE HAVE SOME PICS I WILL POST LATER ON! GREAT JOB TBOYMAN! YOU DID AN INCREDIBLY JOB AS TEMPORARY AUTHOR. Look Forward to stuff this weekend! :) o yea, i will post may not post the friday cheats because i think everyone knows all of them by now. Ok, well i've got to figure out teams for tomorows team green/orange awesome party! SEE YOU ALL THEN! ~Happywagon


JOIN TEAM GREEN! HERE IS HOW THIS WORKS! to keep teams equal, i will only accept the first 7 people who comment to this post. Everyone else is automatically on Redsoxgirl72's awesome orange team! So you can sign up here! Team Orange Is going down! also, during the party please stick with your team (AKA if your placed on team orange, don't follow me, follow redsoxgirl72) and if you are on team orange don't worry, you will still see quite alot of me. so sign up here! Green Team is going down! (O yea also when the orange team is off doing whatever and the green team isn't with them, i will record all of my stuff so even people on the orange team won't miss a single joke or funny thing at the party, if that makes sense)Don't forget to Leave your penguin name. GREEN TEAM! ~Happywagon
Hey! this is happywagon's brother. Happywagon just texted me and told me to do this. First of all please don't come to the green team/team orange party if you don't make team green. I promise, You will all still have a blast if you are on team orange with redsoxgirl72. Also, SCROLL DOWN TO SEE TBOYMAN'S AWESOME AUTHORING! ~Happywagon's bro.

P.S. I still don't understand how you can all like my brother so much.

Team Orange!

For the 5,418 hits party, I'm running TEAM ORANGE! To be in TEAM ORANGE, just comment and let me know! Make sure to wear all orange, and if you don't have any clothes that are orange, just wear the color. There is no set number for my team, so please join! Team Green is going down!

5th Post: My Final post- My Good-bye!

Well, this is my last day and maybe my last hour as an author for this awesome blog! So farewell! Well, not yet, I'm just going to say good-bye! And Happywagon should come soon and remove my .author status! They should both be back at 8 O'clock Pst ( I think) . But if you would like to see more Tboyman, I have my own blog! It is on the side bar! And I will also put a link on this post to my site! So even though I'm not an author on here, I'm still an Author on my site! So if you want to be a new follower of my blog, go ahead! lol this is getting long, maybe as long as the longest hot-dog! lol! And go to my blog so you don't get Banned forever!


So remember to keep following our blogs! Or else you know what will happen! Lawn gnomes, Popcorn and Cheese will start falling! So keep coming here, comment , and Stay In School, that is what lead me to this cool place with a P-e-n-c-i-l, And a E-r-a-s-e-r very new to me!lol. So this is my final Good-bye! Wait not that Good-bye, nor that one but this one:


-Tboyman(5 out of 5)

4th Post: Newspaper #187

Hear Ye Hear ye! Listen to me! There are only a few important points in this new edition of the Club Penguin Times! I know I'm lazy so I'm doing the most interesting article in this issue!

This Just in:There have been penguins buzzing 'bout this donkey rampaging the plaza!...

... In other news, Rockhopper is being brought up in many discussions around club penguin. We saw one young penguin named Mimo777 saying that he has met Rockhopper, and knows he will put up a surprise to club penguin! He also said that he still owes him 100 coins! So keep a look out for Rockhopper, check the telescope in the light house beacon to find out if he's close to Club penguin! And when you find him, report him to Mimo, Mimo needs his 100 coins!

This Concludes the importance of Zebras and Wanted Criminals!

Like the Cbtn-Club Penguin Tboyman News!? Well, if you can find what is real in there in the news , Good job! And More wanted Criminals will be on my site! (On Blogroll)

And now the Upcoming events!
If you can not read the text please ask this mirror:I know, his buddy got laid-off so he's charging more for his bud! Well here is the actual one:
  1. Medieval Party May 8-17
  2. Stage~The Haunting Of the Viking Opera May8-June11
  3. Better igloos Catalog May 15-June18
  4. Rockhopper Visits Sometime this Month
  5. Pin (Look A few post below) May 8- May 22
  6. New Pin May 22- June 4th
How'd you like this post! I know delicious like cheese! I'll do a longer full analysis on my site soon!

-Tboyman(4 out of 5)

3rd Post: Sorry!

O.k, I haven't been on club penguin for a while, so My order for the next few post will be like this:
  1. The sorry litany
  2. The newspaper
  3. My good-bye!
So that's how it will all be going! Well, I might as-well add Billybob updates! Well so these are the BillyBob updates from Wednesday to Thursday:

Get Creative

Well, Billybob asked us to get creative with Ninjas and Medieval! So get creative and create your own outfit mixing up all your ninja wear, and you could be featured on their blog!! The post will be posted with cool outfits on Friday (Today)!!!

The new catalog has came out today! Woot! And Happywagon will come back soon to post the Friday Cheats very late! So stay tuned for the returning of the Tbo- Tom Hanks Obsesser! Woot and that Green guy! But don't forget the Red soxed bandit lol!

Rockhopper has scheduled his next visit! He'll be coming this month! He'll be leaving Disney Land on May 13Th! Along time ago, lol!

Well, I think that's all!

-Tboyman(3 out of 5)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2nd post: Random

Well today in the club penguin neighbour hood, there is a boring day! So I'm going to spice it up a little! And I'm not a member anymore! Any contest, I'll be willing to enter! Yeah so back to the topic, just sit back relax and give me 60 dollars, Joke! Well this is what happened to me on clubpenguin when I passed viewing my blog and Happywagon's!
Yeah so that is a warning! Always view these blog's! (an edit of course)

Out of every 6 penguins these are how many love Tboyman's site! It is way to obvious!

I know they love me! (An edit again)

Did you hear, Clubpenguin is releasing something new!
Yup, penguins need popcorn in a stage! Don't forget Tomatoes! (edit)
Yeah, so how'd you like the pics? Did you laugh, don't worry I'm telapathatic (whatever that is) I can read your minds: You think it was hilaryuios! I have horrible spelling!

-Tboyman(POST @ OF 5)

Monday, May 11, 2009

1st Post: Tboyman Here!

Well, while Redsoxgirl and Happywagon head out to D.C, I'll be posting 5 posts! I won't be posting the Friday cheats though, I'll be posting somethings like Billybob updates. Well at the bottom of this post it should be about the you choose wig results! Well some of you may know me, some may not. So I'll give you a litany of Tboyman. Lol. Tboyman likes basketball blah blah blah. Well if you'd like to meet me I'll be on fjord alot. So now to the important stuff:

You Choose-Wig~Results
Well, a couple days before, club penguin did a You Choose vote thingy. Penguins from around the world (Peru, Aussies, Canadians, Americans e.t.c)could vote by commenting on a post on the what's new blog! And the results are in and the winner is:

If your colour blind the color is Rainbow Jk! It is blue! I'm not a painter so I can't turn them to happywagon models, but I can show you the pic of the color with the hair! On the right!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
This will be in the next Penguin Style Catalog that arrives on June 5th! I might not be a member then. That is all for today, I think!

Well did you like my first post? How 'bout the new wig? Are you sad 'bout Happywagon and Redsoxgirl? Would you give me 1,000,000 Dollars, Jk? And Happywagon will be back to moderate all the comments, post the Friday cheats, and de-author me by Friday, 'bout @ 8 O'clock. I know I have to tell you something, but I forget! I'll only post 5 post!

-Tboyman (Post 1 of 5)

Friday, May 8, 2009


i got music! woot! lol i betcha none of you have EVER heard any of these songs. So i like musicals, that's my type of music (Don't get me wrong, i love some coldplay here and there) Anyways so here is the playlist. It doesn't really matter because you have never heard any of these songs probably. I tried to pick all clean songs. let me know if one of the songs has a bad word or reference. My fave songs on the list are "I don't do sadness/blue wind," "Rent," and "Technologic" I also love the spelling bee songs :)


In this week’s newspaper I noticed something a little weird with the Aunt Artic section. The first question was about the funniest thing that ever happened on Club Penguin. It was sent in by “Fun E. Yes” which sounds like “Funny, yes!”. The second question asked what Club Penguin did with old party decorations. It was signed “Tide E. Yup”, which sounds like “tidy up”, which means “clean up”. Fun E. Yes and Tide E. Yup, don’t they look similar? They both sound like a phrase that relates to the question. It seems too clever for a kid to think of, don’t you think so? Maybe Club Penguin changes the name of who sent it in to something clever and relating to the question. This is very unlikely, but maybe no one sent in any good questions, so they made up their own so they could have a clever name! Again, that is really unlikely, but how did they manage to get questions that could have a clever name from the person who sent it in? What do you think? Comment and let us know. It seems no one is certain of what happened here, but something smells fishy…

you are invited!








Tboyman, i will email you the preview party info along with author thing tomorow.

Please come! it doesn't matter who you are, or what you are doing but please come! we had an outstanding turnout for doctor house's CPIP party, so let's hope we get as big of a turnout for this!

I met quite alot of CPG 2night.

I saw half the Mods tonight, and i saw EA12345, 9china9, Me Santa, Mimo777, and zoezoe11. Out of all of those zoezoe11 was the only one to add me haha. Me santa, ea, and 9china all seemed zoned out when i saw them though. haha. I didn't get 9china9's player card but i got Ea's, zoes, and Me Santa's.

Cool new Catalog

There is an awesome cool new catalog in the gift shop/market. very cool. it has a new instrument and some team spirit stuff. I got everything in it. i love the green shield and tabbard :) GO GREEN ARMY!

New Play catalog cheat.

The new play at the stage rocks! it's pretty sweet. I like the ghost outfit. In the costume catalog, go to the 2nd page and click the viking hat to unlock the red viking hat. then exit out and click on it again 3 times to get the blue viking helmet. see.