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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ask Redsoxgirl72!

I just imed redsoxgirl72 and i got all the answers from her to her questions. Here are the ansers!

Questions 1: Do you like webkinz? Asked by Nvidia101

Answer: Uhh, not really. I had one a couple years ago, but I just grew out of it. They started making annoying changes, so I just let the account expire.

Question 2: Do you play any sports? asked by Tboyman

Answer: Yes! My main sport is volleyball, I play it twice a year. I also like to swim and ice skate when I get a chance.

Question 3: What's your favorite TV Channel? asked by stickie408

Answer: Good question, I have no idea. I like funny shows on Nickelodeon like iCarly and Drake and Josh. Sometimes I will watch Disney, Discovery, and the History Channel (don't worry, I don't watch educational shows, i watch MonsterQuest, which is an insanely awesome show!)

Question 4: What is your favorite food? asked by stickie408

Answer:Probably pizza, but I like salmon too.

Question 5: What do you do at school? Asked by stickie408

Answer:I do a lot. I love being involved. I'm on Student Council (it's a little different at our school), newspaper, I like helping out at school events, and I used to play softball for the school. It's always a great idea to get involved in your school.

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i love all the questions i got this time.

For now until i get redsoxgirl72's answers here are my answers

Question 1- asked by Nvidia101- Do you guys like webkinz?

Happywagon: Nope. I've never played it, and i have no desire to

Question 2- asked by Nvidia101- what is your favorite sport

Happywagon: my favorite sport is camel racing. haha jk jk. no it's soccer (UK's version of football)

Question 3- Asked by Fireball- what do you like to do in your free time?

Happywagon: HAHA i have no free time. it's all this, and homework. But in the little free time i have i like to go outside, or watch the office (i own every season!)

Question 4- asked by Fireball- What is your favorite animal

Happywagon: I like pandas... and Tom Hanks.

Question 5- asked by Fireball- what school grade was your favorite?

Happywagon:Kindegarten... Snack time AND nap time! ch'yea

Question 6- asked by Ninja Josh 7- What kind of books do you like to read?

Happywagon: My three favorite series are the percy jackson and the olympians series, The Bone Graphic Novel Series, and the Fudge series. Other books i like are The Tale of Desperaux, The micraculous journey of Edward Tulane, and Flush.

Question 7- asked by Tboyman- do you own a wagon?

Happywagon: I believe there is one in my shed or garage.

Question 8- asked by Stickie408- Do you like Mcdonalds & in or out.

Happywagon: I have seen a documentary about Mc.donalds food called "Super Size Me." After seeing that movie i have not eaten Mc.donalds, and i have a feeling i never will again. And if i did it would probably be in.

Question 9- asked by Stickie408- Do you like Spongebob?

Happywagon: I LOVE SPONGEBOB! some of my friends compare me to him all the time, becuase i am always very happy about random things. My favorite episode is Squidville, and my second one is Graveyard Shift.

Question 10- asked by Stickie408- Do you like Runescape?

Happywagon: I played runescape a few years ago and it never really caught onto me. My name on it was minime12 or something random like that. My brother was a member on it at one point and he was insanely good at it, but i don't find it fun.

That's it for my answers! the questions Redsoxgirl72 is going to answer will be

DO you like webkinz?
Do you play any sports?
What's your favorite TV Channel?
Favorite Food?
and finally, What do you do at school?

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After much long and anticipated wait, the join now button has re-appeared on mimos secret site! i made a name on mimo chat, HAPPYWAGON. That's right, same name, just capitols. :). For those of you who don't know, Happywagon was randomly banned from mimo chat (even though he's a mimo chat mod) oh well, what ever. ~Happywagon

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

good ideas for what the secret project might be.

You all have great ideas for what the secret is, and no one has gotten it right. You can visit the future home of the secret thing here at http://www.happywagontag.blogspot.com/ Note: This link actually works unlike the one in the other post. It does not have to do anything with ponies, that is just a funny thing i made to be on the site until everything is released on friday. Here is another sneek peek...

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Red Chille-2


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Special Thing Being Revealed SOon

theres an awesome thing i'm working on... it's going to be sweet, hopefully you will all like it. Here's a Sneek Peek

Another Sneak Peek is this... "Happywagon T.A.G. Do you know what T.A.G. means? hmmmm Check out the site that is hosting the at this point hidden project. you can go here to visit the blog. Chillax, The blog won't be all about ponies and unicorns and tea parties. Remember... I'm a dude. :) Are you confused? if so, good.

This is my 100th post! Hope you have all liked all 100. Which post is your favorite one i've ever made. What about top 5?



Due to the lack of commenting on posts lately, Lawn Gnomes have been reported to have been falling out sky

Here's a poorly edited picture for proof! SEE!


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My Contest Entries

wow! Club Penguin Mixin' (http://www.cpmixin.blogspot.com/) is having 2 contests! I entered both, and I'm really excited to see if I could win! Ok, the first contest is a Sand Flipper picture contest. I'm entry #1! Check the picture out, and if you like it, please vote for me! I'm number 1 on the first poll (top right hand corner). I'm winning, but Mikosubaka posted on Club Penguin Wave about how he never wins, so he is catching up! He's entry #5. Rockhoppergp and some other awesome people entered too, so good luck to everyone on that! Contest #2...caption contest! The pic and the caption are in the top right of this post. I'm really excited because Orange Land likes mine the best! The other entries are really funny so make sure you check them out and comment to vote for your favorite! Good luck to everyone who entered the contests!
*Also, neither Happywagon nor I could make it to Mimo's Club Penguin Quickee Party, but one of us should be able to make it to the other possible Quickee Party!*
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Monday, April 27, 2009

Penguin Style Sneek Peek.

Billybob has given us a picture of a wig that is going to show up in the penguins style catalog on friday. He also says his team will be on the lookout for wig parties and he will take pictues and feature some of the parties on the clubpenguin blog. Mimo777 decided his quickee party this week will be a wig party, and the wig party post billybob said will be up by wedsday, so the quickee party is either tonight or tomorow night.orow. Keep on the lookout. Here is the sneek peak picture.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

What do you all think? this is quite random...

I've been posting alot of random stuff lately, but there isn't really much going on on clubpenguin. Here are some of my fave video's on youtube. Let's have a contest and whichever one wins beceomes the official awesome youtube video of happywagon's insanely cool blog. In the comment section just put down what number video you like best. Also, you can ask questions on this post and the original ask happywagon post, but ALL the questions have to be in by tuesday (my time) so ask as many questions you want and have fun!

Video #1 "Daft Hands"
Reason I like it: start the video at 50 seconds, watch to 1:20 then go to 1:50, then finally go 2 2:45. The music video is EPIC!

Video #2 "Diet Coke + Mentos"
Reason I like it: Just So Cool. Love the mix of the music, the cool expieriments, and how awesome it coke and mentos does that.

Video #3 "Where's Robert!"
Reason I like it: Provides an insanely hard challenge

Video #4 "Swiffer"

Video #5 "Is it a good idea to Microwave Pokemon?
Reason I like it: Nothing against pokemon, just find it kinda funny.

Those are my top 5 videos All are rated G. I tried to pick videos most of you probably hadn't seen. My favorite is 3. What is yours. I will have a poll up that will ask for what you voted for or what you want to win... That poll does not determine the winner though, the comments on this post do.

1 and 2 are not necesarily funny, but they are pretty cool (especially 2) Don't rule them out because they are not hilarious. Remember there are like 20 different categories on youtube and only one of the many of them is comedy. With that said.... 3,4, and 5 are all hilarious.

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Red Chille-2

Hey everyone! DID YOU MISS ME!

i'm back! most of you are probably thinking from where? well i secretly did a 30 hour famine (when you don't eat 4 30 hours) with a youth group i am part of and i got so hungry! i went from 9 a.m. yesterday morning to 3 p.m. today without eating, and i could only drink kool-aid (for sugar, calories and carbs) and water. I did it! then i ordered a large cheese pizza once the 30 hours were up and i ate the whole thing. I'm still hungry. Would you ever be able to go that long without food?

Also, Redsoxgirl72 no longer really counts as a mod, or a normal person, she is just an author, so any comments she makes are author comments. That last post that she made about rick roll's music video (lol she texted me and told me about mimo's site having some lame music video, and i didnt think it was anything, but i can't believe it was rick roll! he's so funny! lol!) anyways so for that last post, stickie408 gets the point because he commented even before redsoxgirl72 which made him the first commenter.

:) ROck on everyone! mimo chat is back but i have a feeling mimo put it up for testing, then he will fix any bugs.


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P.S. I do not think it was funny that someone hacked mimo's blog, but i do think rick roll's music video is pretty funny.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


ok, so I went to check mimo chat today, and this crazy Rick Astly music video popped up! it went from side to side on the screen! when you click the exit button, a bunch of weird pop ups come up, like the *Welcome to Club Penguin Wave with Stickers303 and Mikosubaka!* from club penguin wave. It said something like "WE LOSERS DONT LEAVE!", and there was an "OK" under it. I clicked it, and another one came up, i clicked ok again, and another one, and so on. I just decided to click Control-Alt-Delete, to get the task manager up, so I could click "End Task" to that annoying video. I don't advise you to go on and check it out for youself, but if you do, just click the Control-Alt-Delete to end it with the task manager, because it takes forever otherwise! I took a picture of it while I was on (it's the image to the right). The image flashes back and forth from the left side of your screen to the right. This is so horrible! Mimo needs to fix this, right away!

Friday, April 24, 2009

What is up with the new banner?

have you ever noticed clubpenguin only has regular old fashioned pianos, and not keyboards? Well all this is about to change. Doctor House was strolling through clubpenguin earlier today, and was making s ure all the penguins were healthy, and everything in clubpenguin was safe (he does not approve of the safety for Quest for the Golden Puffle AT ALL!) He was in the pizza parlor and he noticed the piano is barely standing, and it could collapse any moment on any penguin. So Doctor House called in a few of his assistants to help him (Nvidia101, Tboyman, and Dadrockstar). Then he realised that this piano is so unstable it's going to have to take a whole lotta penguins to fix this piano, so he is having a whole party for it. So all the details are my banner now, and i hope you can all come. Also, is anyone else aware Happywagon hasn't hosted a single party on clubpenguin (Like a party where all the details are posted on here)? Good thing that will change come time for the 5,418 hits party. Also, so there aren't any questions... Doctor House IS the same person as i am (happywagon) I just give all my penguins different personalities. Kinda cool don't you think?

Support the Club Penguin Piano Improvement Project by coming to the party! see you all there!

Whoops, haha Tboyman just pointed out to me i forgot the server. It's ice shelf... i will change my banner, but to let everyone know it is ice shelf.

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I'm hangin on Pandanda

Tonight, i will be on Pandanda all night. that's right all night! i'll be in willow just hangin. come on and hang with me if you want. Scroll down to see what my pandanda looks like.

Update:I am currently not on pandanda. I felt like going to see a movie, so i went and saw a movie and forgot to update this post.

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New songs!

There are 3 new songs for members!

Go west which i give a 6 out of 10, very annoying. i randomly don't like it.

Patrick's Jig 8/10 Reminds me of the saint patricks day party.... love it.

Let's Bonuce- 10 OUT OF 10! I LOVE IT! SO ADDICTING! awesome beat.

Current first comment contest positions

Red Chille-2

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Sorry, i don't know when the stuff came out, but i was at school when it happened. So to get to the the tobogan screen, go to the ski mountain, and click the bottom right corner, then click the buy button. Also, the music was added to the sledding game! It reminds me alot fo the Ocean voyage music, cept remixed. Here's a pic of Happywagon on his tobogan. For some reason it says Happywagor in the pic and it cuts off half the n.

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New Pin!

The New Pin Is A Tree Pin!

It can be found in the dojo courtyard

on the right side of the courtyard around where the sandals were when the dojo was dug out in november. Here's a pic of the location and what the pin looks like

haha does anyone else thinks it funny it says "you found a tree" when you go to pick it up haha.

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Just when i thought Clubpenguin couldnt get any more boring...

Wow... look at this town. It's deserted! where is everyone! it's all random people no one has ever heard of! Don't even get me started with that orange dude saying sup... he is totally the opposite of the life of the party.
Such a disapointment.

(This message contains one hundred percent sarcasm)
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

One more thing!

Just to let you all know, the 5,418 has been reached. So, that means there will be a party! Unfortunately the party can not be planned until the 25 first post contest is done. So my 25th post will be the date time, place, and room, for my party. no crazy clues this time. let's see if people show up! Also, my poll is up, and the correct answer was "Named after a movie or something like that". The something like that was a book, and it came from a book i read and my friend and i did a hilarious project on an item in the book that was called happywagon. Also, keep asking questions for Ask Happpywagon! wow, three posts in about half an hour. That's madness!

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So. if you haven't heard about pandanda (i'm sure you all have) it's a site just like clubpenguin cept with pandas and a few more cool things. I tell redsoxgirl72 that it's like clubpenguin meets animal crossing, so it's extremely addicting. This is what i look like on pandanda

I usually go on willow, and i can tell this online game is going to be HUGE in the future! i go on it usually once a day so just keep your eyes open. I've seen alot of names that remind me of people who rock on clubpenguingang and clubpenguin (fireballex i saw, i saw Matt773, and i saw a few other rocking names.)

Also, every post after the fifth i will post the current runnings for the first post contest, so here they are...

Red Chille-1

If you don't know what contest i'm talking about click here for the rules. (probably just read either my simple version of the rules, or redsoxgirl's72 instructions in the comments, both are better explained then the full out paragraph)

Post 6 of 25! WOOT!

The Rainbow Connection.

WOOT! SO IT'S BEEN SUNNY WHERE I LIVE ALL DAY AND ALL OF A SUDDEN A FEW CLOUDS SHOWED UP AND IT BEGAN RAINING! Now we ALL know what happens when it rains and is sunny at the same time.... SNOW! wait a second. hold on let me rethink that one (whispers to self) ok so it was sunny, then rainy, then the snowmonster caaa.... no... that's not right...

ANYWAYS! here is a picture of what i saw! randomness!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Wow... so mimo just had a quickee party on chobots and he gave out a free item, which is pretty awesome. except i have a huge fear of chobots. the whole thing really scares me. I have an account and i have tried multiple times to like it, but i just don't really have alot of fun on it. So mimo was handing out an outfit to new people on chobots (aka people who joined just because of his quickee party tonight) his outfit looked like this.

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Ask Happywagon 2

DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS FOR HAPPYWAGON! i'm sure you do! so this time i will answer 15 questions, and Redsoxgirl72 will answer 5. People can ask questions as many times as they want, and please check out my first ask happywagon, so you will make sure not to ask the same question someone else asked last time. Click this to see the first ask happywagon.
i encourage you all to ask questions that are non-cp related (it's ask happywagon, not ask clubpenguin)
Have fun!

One more thing.... please no questions about cheese. haha.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

i'm sick :(

Whenever i'm sick, i always watch movies. The last time i was sick, i went on mimo chat all day, but because it is broken i've watched 9 movies within the past 24 hours. And counting. Here's the list of movies i've watched and what i would give them on a scale of 1-10 (i'm extremely bored)

Jurrasic Park-8/10
The office season 1 (about 2 hours nd a half of the office, so about the length of an extremely long movie)-9/10
Super size me-8/10 (this movie scared me, thank god i don't eat fast food much. this movie is great)
Wall-e 9/10 (I LOVE THIS MOVIE!)
Space Chimps-1/10 (i do not like this movie at all.)
The Dark Knight-6/10 (go ahead disagree with me... i just like heath ledger in it. it seemed to long for me and i fell asleep)

Let's hope i feel better 2mrw.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Are you up for the challenge?

it's time for me to have a contest. The winner will get the following...
- Added by me, House, Redsoxgirl72, AND one secret penguin that redsoxgirl72 and i share.
-The 5,418 hit party is going to be dedicated to you and you get to be part of the preview party the night before.
-an advertisement on my blog for you site/blog
- To be a temporary author while Redsoxgirl72 and i go 2 dc (one post a day for monday-thursday)
- gets to chose one person (you, or your friend) to become a Mod, OR upgrade anyone of the current mods oen position(you or your friend) for the next mod update (May 5th)

So here is how the contest will all the awesome prizes and such will work. Starting with this post the first person to comment will get one point. for the next 25 posts the first person to comment will get one point. it's quite easy. if you are the 2nd one to post, it will mean nothing, and posting twice will not mean anything either. JUST THE FIRST POST. Also, that doesn't mean if there's already a comment on a post, you don't have to comment. Remember although the winner gets to upgrade/add someone, it doesn't mean i won't upgrade/add someone. All 25 posts will have the number post it is at the bottom. whoever has the most points by the 25th post will win all that stuff i listed. Good luck to all!

simpler way of saying it... "If you are the first to comment on any of the next 25 posts you get a point. By the end of the 25 posts, who ever has the most first comments win.

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just wanted to let you all know....

SOOOOOO... these are dates i know i will not be on the cp much/at all, and other important dates.

May12th- My class (which includes redsoxgirl72) are going to D.C. (7th grade trip) for a week so that means i will not be here when the friday stuff comes out on cp, so the cheats will probably not be on until late friday night when i come home.

((Way WAYY into the future)June29-July15th I'm going to a state that starts with M (Not saying where all my relatives live, so althought i will b on the cpu, i won't b on it as much as i usually am.

Just thought you all might want to know those dates, but @ least i will still be able to post cheats during the trip to M ville.

Also, Starting may 1st penguins who are tour guides or agents will get almot like a monthly allowance. I predict (aka in my wildest fantasies) this will be like getting a virtual coin, and being able to buy one thing and one thing only from the clothing catalog for free, for both members and non-members.

House had a fun time today hanging with some of his friends and diagnosing everyone in the book room on fjord with deadly fire fingers diseasse and other funny random diseases.

ONE MORE THING! Happywagon was baned for some unknown reason on mimo chat SOO i am using my other name aunt arcitc. Call me happywagon on that, i don't want to be called happy/aunt/house. or anything weird like that. I'm still the same happywagon, just with a dumb user name on mimo chat. Ok that's it. BYE!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Swimming Party!


Also since i was feeling very artistic today, check out my beautiful picture i colored!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Night

Happywagon and I were bored, so we went on cp, and Happywagon gave his version of a tour. Take a look for youself! You may want to click on the pictures so they are easier to read. At the top is a pic of Happywagon's "new look" that he made after the tour, haha.
Poor Leeta13


Beacon, Banner, and of course a Bash.

So.... the easter egg hunt left us something awesome! you can now shut off the beacon light! just click the on/off switch that i circled, and shut it off. See.
In honor of this momentous occasion, i made a new banner with redsoxgirl72, using the beacon light as the main item in the picture haha, it's quite funny.
Now to the Bash.... Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and look at the hit counter.. Only about 50 more until 5,000... but as you have all learned, i'm a little weird SOOO when my blog reaches 5,418 hits, i will post all the info for a 5,418 hit party. ~Happywagon

Mimo's awesome party!

HAHA! THAT WAS ONE HECK OF A PARTY! So first of all, the whole thing started out with me, wii wii wii, and Gamer hanging out at southern lights with friends like stickers303, sand flipper, and saavy.

So after that, zoey11 came on clubpenguin and hung out with us and added a few people. not me :(
Then all of a sudden it was 2:30 and NO MIMO ON SOUTHERN LIGHT!!! after that, sand went and checked northern light for us, AND HE WAS THERE! so all of us raced to northern light as fast as we could, but most of us (including sand and stickers) couldn't get in2 HQ! so we had to do the typical walk to a door over and over until you get in routine.
lol i just noticed this when i looked at the picture above, but sand flipper, and bubbles1705 are in the picture... sweet deal. ANYWAYS so after half an hour, i FINALLY made it into the HQ! I didn't know mimo was giving out notecards, so i didnt ask for one, but guess who else was there... CHRISDOG93! he rocks! it was a pretty cool party. Here is my pic of mimo's player card...

Also, my igloo contest is cancelled, i will have that contest probably in about a month, so that one entry that i did get, i will keep and is automattically entered in my create an igloo for happywagon contest. Hope you all had fun at mimo's party. One more off subject note, is that Happywagon was unfortunately for some reason banned from mimo chat, so i am using my name "aunt arctic" on mimo chat until i can make a new name that everyone will know is me.

New better igloos catalog/igloo contest

I'm really sorry about this being up so late, but check out my bad luck post to find out why. Anyways, first cheat.... click on the poodle plant to get the wheelbarrow

Next cheat, click the garden to get the picket fence

Next cheat, click on the word puffle to get the white puffle poster

Next click the goldfish to get the ice table

Final Clue, click on the pinata to get the aquarium.

That's it for clues in the better igloos catalog. So it is time for my awesome igloo to be taken down. So here is an AWESOME new contest to help me decorate my next igloo. Ok, so heres how it will work. You can all describe the perfect igloo for me, and email it to me @ happywagongal@yahoo.com OR... you could design an igloo and email a picture of it to me at the same email. You can pretty much email me antything about the perfect igloo for me AS LONG as your description or whatever you want to use, is good and puts the basic idea of what your igloo looks like, into my head. After a week, i will chose one igloo that i think is the best. If i get a description of the igloo, i will make that igloo on cp and take a picture of it, then, i will have a poll with that igloo vs my idea of a perfect igloo (check 2 pictures below... the mostly green igloo). whichever igloo wins the poll will be what my igloo will look like for quite a while. if you have any questions email me, or leave a comment and i'm sure one of my awesome mods will clear it up. Sorry for the bad explanation of this contest, but i hope you all get the gist of what you are doing.
Hmmmm... it looks like i need to have extreme makeover igloo edition come to my igloo to make it awesome....

Sweet! this house rocks! thanks extremem makeover igloo edition!

Friday, April 17, 2009


lol! soooo... this is pretty much all the bad stuff that's happened to me or someone in my family this week.
1) We go hiking, get ticks all over us, and my mom puts my phone in the wash
2) my mom's car is locked and her keys are in my dads car, who is at work with the keys (1 hour away)
3)I fell asleep while studying for a major test and did pretty bad on it
4)Mimo chat stopped working
5) I fell asleep while studying for ANOTHER test, AND i missed the better home and igloos catalog
6) I come home from school and begin working on the better igloo's post, but my dad gets a call from my mom and a car ran through a stop sign and hit the side of her car (my mom is fine, and her car is bruised.)
7) when my dad leaves to go pick up my mom from the accident, both my dogs run out the door and my dad chases after them, and loses his keys along the way, so he spent half an hour trying to figure out where his keys fell, and he finally finds them.
Happywagon's family bad luck continues!
The catalog cheats will come out eventually, along with a new contest.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mimo's secret site??? Hmmmmmm.

Something is going on, on mimo's secret site. First of all, MIMO chat has dissapeared completely...
And The Mimo Chat Mods list has gone away.

I don't quite know what is going on, because earlier his site said it was under construction or something like that. And yesterday my cpu wouldn't take me to his site. Weird. Let me know if you see anything else weird on his secret site. ~Happywagon

Coming soon/Newspaper

A few weeks ago when the surf board and fishing gear became available to be bought at the location of the game, some stuff for the sledding game was suppose to come out with it, but it never did. Well our wait for that never revealed sledding gear is over. April 24, Tobogans will be able to be purchased by members at the ski mountaint. Also on April 24, new tunes will be added for members only for the dance game. The other awesome thing is a new pin that day.


Tomorow (April 17) a new better igloos catalog comes out so check here for all the new cheats that will be posted right away

May 1, A new penguin style comes out.

Happywagon's events

From May12-16th, Happywagon WILL NOT be posting, because he is going on vacation to D.C.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

MOD MADNESS! and hits...

CPG MODS ROCK! so stickers303 as everyone knows, became the first EVER mimo Mod. Sandflipper, another one of the famous CPG Mods, was extremely close to quitting, but Mimo emailed her about i don't quite know what, and it convinced her to stay for a little bit. I haven't posted much lately. As most of you will realise i don't post much during the week, except for the obvius friday updates and newspaper stuff. Also, it has come to my attention less people have been visiting my blog every day now. So unless my blog has become extremely awful (or my scary annoying stupid singing scared people away) i'm not quite sure why people have stopped going on my blog. What are some of your ideas to getting more people to visit my blog? Also, check out the new poll, it rocks.

Monday, April 13, 2009


If you haven't noticed, my videos on youtube keep on being muted due to copyright stuff, which makes sense, but i know like half a million people on youtube with songs in their videos, and their videos don't get muted. Anyways SOOOOOO To solve the copyright problem, I made my own songs that go along with the video. To not exposed my AWFUL singing voice, i sped up the songs. Here is the full list of songs (which will be able to be accessed soon for free on my blog if i can figure that one out) Here is my list of songs
1. The tour of Clubpenguin
2. Gotta Beat those Nachos
3. Cool Beat
4. Silly Outfit
5. Book Room
6. YearBook (I LOVED SINGING THIS SONG! SO MUCH FUN! ((I'm listing all the parties of 08 that are in the year book in a song like manner, but the song is hard to hear so i will probably post lyrics soon))
7. I'm Sad
8. I'm gunna be a fish
10. I can't breathe (I forgot i can't swim)
11. Happywagon Out.

LOL! i've taken both the versions of my movie down, and i am working on putting up my movie with the songs (in case this isn't clear, the video is the same, but i made my own songs and they all ROCK (Cept tour of clubpenguin gave me a head ache it's so annoying, and so did beat those nachos)) but don't shut it off so early, because the best songs are towards the end. If you have to mute it for about the first minute or 2, to skip over the tour of clubpenguin)

The music was off so i had to take the video off YET AGAIN and fix it. Now everything is on queue, and the video is now corrected and ready to be watched Thank You.

Which song is your favorite

Medevil party snee peak and background winner

The penguins on clubpenguin voted, and they chose Choice number 3... aka this picture...
The scooby doo background put up one heck of a fight but unfortunately, that picture won. Besides the scooby doo background i wanted the the 2nd picture to win. So with that background means, theres a party with that backgrounds theme on its way, and that party is THE MEDEVIL PARTY! The party will be here the 8th of may to the 17th of may. Here is a sneek peak billybob posted.

That picture seems to be a dragon on the top of the bookshelf in the book room. The yellow shield gave me a cool idea. Mayber there are 4 different colored teams(or kingdoms/armies/ something like that.) One team (yellow) would have all of town as their main castle/fortress, the Blue team would have all the plaza and the forest for their castle/fortress. Then the Lighthouse would be the Red Teams main fortress, and the ski village would be the Green teams main fortress. Then the snowforts, the yellow flag would belong to one of the forts (the side closest to town) then the fort closes to the plaza would have a blue flag. Then the docs would be turned into a huge market place, and the cove would be like a viking ship or something like that. Then the Dojo would be a sword fighitng school, and the iceberg would be a battle field. The underground area would be extremely cool, becaue the boiler room could be the same as last year (welding shop), and the pool could be like an underground swamp area where there would be funny looking creatures that when you would clikc they would fall over. Then the mine would be really cool because it could be like a dungeon to a castle, then the mine shack could be a huge pink castle (for all you girls who like to dress up as princess') And outside of it there would be that dragon from last years party, and Finally, people would be able to crawl up into a tower just like rapunzel, or fiona from shrek. LOL the chances of ANY of this happening are ZIP! cept that picture made me think alot about the party (one of my favorite parties ever on clubpenguin)

P.S. lol TBOYMAN gave me the idea for the banner :) hope you all like it.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


HOPE EVERYONE HAD AN AWESOME EASTER! I got 2 chocolate bunnies, some reese's eggs, some gum, and nerds jelly beans. This was unfortunately probably my worst easter ever though, First of all, i went on a hike in the woods and got ticks ALL OVER me. so i had to take all my clothes off, and take a shower. While i was in the shower, my mom took my clothes and put em in the washer to kill all the ticks on my pants BUT in my pocket was my phone! so my phone went through the wash, and now is drying and my parents want it to sit out on the counter and dry for 2 days before i put the battery in my phone and see if i need a new phone or not. So yea, not a terrific easter. Here's a pic of the kind of phone i have. This is not my phone, and i did not take this picture, i got thie picture off of intermobile.com.


EVERYONE VOTE FOR ME ON 3JEL97'S/MATTHEW722'S/GAMER1235/PINKIPYE'S/STICKIE408'S/FIREBALL's blog! I AM A FINALIST FOR THEIR CAPTION CONTEST! You can check out the caption contest picture, my entry, and the poll if you follow this link. The poll can be found on the left side of the page, and my caption is pretty funny if i do say so myself. http://3jel97.wordpress.com/2009/04/12/the-caption-contest-2/ My caption is in the comment section, but i did make the finals so vote for me in the poll!
Also, to Tboyman, my email is Happywagongal@yahoo.com AND I AM A DUDE! lol, it's an insdie joke.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


is a tie!!!!!!!!! NOW BECAUSE IT IS A TIE, both people will be added BUT! (and theres always a but) that means the next mod announcement won't be all the way til May 7th. So this is good for those of you who didn't make the list because it gives you alot of time to become a mod. Right... so the two penguins who tied are.... MATTHEW 722! who is a vice president on one site, and an author on another. his two sites are called www.3jel97.wordpress.com and www.clubpenguinhelpco.blogspot.com Clubpenguinhelpco is One of my favorite sites because it's owned by a penguin who thinks i'm really cool, and i think the penguin who owns it (stickie408/serfio) is really cool to. So you definently want to check out cphelpco if your looking for a fun site. Matthew722 has been working for the past 24 hours trying to become a Mod on my blog and with his determination he could have accomplished anything, so the choice of him for a Mod is great.
Then the other winner, is Nvidia101!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has a pretty cool blog called http://clubpenguinblog101.blogspot.com/ Redsoxgirl72 is an author and a mod on it. Nvidia says my site is one of her faves and that it is awesome, so she is going to be a great Mod, because she has the passion it takes to become a good mod. Nvidia101 now not only gets the clues for the rest of her time as a Mod on my blog, but because she was the 3rd place winner for the original Mods, she will also get 10 points automatically added to her on my Point system i made up to determine Mods. Good job!


Note to self: Next time don't use clues for parties, just tell everyone the time, date, place, and room, then remind people constantly on MIMO chat half an hour before the party starts.

LOL! Party Pics!

haha so after all this work for some reason i had the idea i would get a HUGE amount of people, lol i got in total 25 (that was at the peak) for pretty much the first half, Nvidia101 and her gang all had a private party with me. And Tboyman was there to hanging out. Serfio showed up and he followed along for a few minutes and then he had to go, then he came back later at the end of the party.Remind me next time to do a party @ 1 or 2, because those are the times almost everyone around the world can make.
Also, i had to skip tipping the town because thats really fun with ALOT of people like i have when i'm on mimo chat and cp at the same time, so i skipped the tip the town event. So it was a pretty lame party probably because of both the time, and for some reason, no one could make it (redsoxgirl, Matthew, Tboyman had to leave within the first 10 minutes, fireball, NONE OF EM COULD MAKE IT) So i'm kind of upset all these people said they were going to my party then i get there and there's 2 people at the iceberg waiting for me. oh well, whatever. both those people who did go said they HAD A BLAST! lol i said and did alot of funny things. Here are some party pics... (Doctor House loved adding all of you, anyone who added him at this party are on his list forever)

o yea, happywagon showed up towards the end of the party, and played some find four at the same time house did, and he also sled raced against house (both house and happywagon came in last during the sled race lol) Also it seemed alot of people took houses outfit to there liking.

This is the five of us who were left by the end of the party, all swimming on the cliff. unfortunately house didn't have the swimgear so he just served ice cream to the swimmers.

party now!



lol the description of my first ever movie is.... I decide to give a tour to youtubers, i read a yearbook, i want to become a fish, and then something goes horribly wrong. GRR i made a mistake in this version and i accidently didn't let the goofy gobber song finish. :( o well. good effort.

That is the extended edition, this is the normal edition.

I'M NOT REALLY QUITTING CLUBPENGUIN EVERYONE! haha. And there's only 5 more hours til the party! hope you are all coming! Also, while your on my channel check out my videos. they are all some of my favorites, and all but 1 are rated G (the one that isn't rated G is the cat detective one, that one is probably PG) but all my favorites are hilarious!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happywagon Party SNEAK PEEK!!!

Tonight, Happywagon rehearsed his party with his penguin Happywagon! Since I can't make it, he let me tag along, and he even let me take a couple of pics! I couldn't take pics of all the places, so I took 6. If you up, I numbered all the pics. In #1, Happywagon has his famous "tip of the town" event. In picture 2, Happywagon gets hungry...but what he eats may suprise you! In 3, he tries to get people to eat some ice cream. Ok so in pic 4, this one person, Jamo626, kept bugging me on where I got my clothes. It took both me and Happywagon forever to make him understand they weren't around anymore! Hopefully, this won't happen at the party, haha. In #5, he gets really close to the edge of the lighthouse beacon! Will he fall or not!? And finally, in picture #6, we swim at a pretty awesome place to swim, the top of the mountain! The party tomorrow is going to be so much fun! I hear Happywagon might show up to rock it out with Doctor House...(REMINDER: Happywagon and Doctor House are the same person, but Doctor House is hosting the party, since he doesn't have anyone to track him down on his buddy list)

Tomorrow is gonna rock!


new author!

Hey everyone! It's RedSoxGirl72! I am a new author of Happywagon's blog! Everything is kinda new for me in this whole blogging thing...but I will do my best. I'm not a cp member, and I love my random outfit! My fav things to do on cp is sit next to "gangstas" , turn a little more nerdy and sing white and nerdy. It's amusing. Another amusing thing to do is "attack" people with safe chat! You find a good target, and say a bunch of safe chat things to them and they pretty much flip out. Ok well that's all for now! Thanks Happywagon!!!


Ok, there's something i am not quite satisfied with yet.

I am not quite satisfied with my mods, although i think they are the perfect choices, i want one more person to be on that list with them. so get ready to be shocked... there will be 1 More Mod announced tomorow after my party. BUT... the twist is everyone has a clean pallet so who ever comments the most in the next 24 hours will become a Mod. by the end of my party tomorow. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

Clearing something up...Both Tboyman and Redsoxgirl72 are on the Mod list which means they don't start out fresh. They are on there no matter what happens. This is to just add a 3rd mod to my list of Mods. Also, in order for posts to count, they HAVE TO BE RELEVANT TO THE POST! YOU CAN COMMENT ON ANY POST, NOT JUST THIS ONE! DO U UNDERSTAND THT Nvidia101? lol i keep on getting comments that have your name and that's it, so they don't count for points.

Party Clues for those who didn't see them, and the date.

Ok, i have been having alot of people tell me they can't find my clues and such. so The HARDEST clue i had was the date one, because it was hidden in a picture. See if you can find the date in this picture
In case you can,t it says "The Party is April Eleventh" in the chat bar. OK well that was my freebie clue, now here are all my other clues again starting with the room.

The next clue is server. I made another clue earlier today for the server hint....

here is clue number 1- O no. I messed up! I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!

Good thing I have my handy dandy _______________

clue 2- If black is to in then ??? is to out

P.S. both those clues are for THE SAME server.

Ok now here is the time clue...

PST... P.M.


AND THE ROOM CLUE IS FOR THE ROOM I WILL BE IN FOR 10 MINUTES ONCE THE PARTY STARTS. AFTER THOSE TEN MINUTES I WILL BE ALL OVER THE ISLAND DOING CRAZY STUFF. The party will probably be about half an hour, and then i will leave. Earlier on i said i might be going to my neighbors for dinner, but i'm not. :) so everything goes on as planned :)

Quest for the Golden Puffle costume catalog

Not to exciting... I'm kind of upset this won at the awards because it was just here a few months ago, and i wanted something like the 12th fish or the penguins that time forgot. Then they didn't even add anything new in the catalog or in the play, it's the same script and such. :(. Well anyways here is the one cheat in the catalog.

On the second page click on the golden puffle, to unlock the Crook and Flail