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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happywaong Q & A

Obviously if you have checked out the comments. I received exactly 10 questions. So I am going to answer all 10.

Question: What is your favorite color? Asked by Stickie408
Answer: Green. (Blue is my second favorite)

Question: What is your favorite CP Cheat Site? Asked by Brodude13
Answer: I have multiple Favorites. Most of them can be found on my Blogroll. My blogroll includes Clubpenguin wave and Clubpenguin Gang, my probably two favorite overall cp cheat sites.

Question: Do you have any other penguins? Asked by Tboyman
Answer: Yes. I have two other Penguins. One i might let someone who wins a contest meet me privately and add me on that penguin, then the other penguin i share with one of my friends.

Question: What is yoru Favorite Sport? Asked by Tboyman
Answer: I play both soccer and Tennis. I play mid-field in soccer, and although i am not the greatest at tennis, i usually play pairs.

Question: What is your standard time. Asked by Tboyman
Answer: I live in the same time zone as Disney WORLD, Washington D.C., and New York City. What state i live in and what town i live in will never be revealed.

Question: What is your Favorite Animal? Asked by Bb Polo 745
Answer: Probably either a panda, or Tom Hanks.

Question: Do You Like Cheese? Asked by Arcticpolar10
Answer: Yes I like Cheese.

Question: If you do like Cheese then what kind do you like? Asked by Arcticpolar10
Answer: I like American cheese in grilled cheese, and i like Motzerella cheese on pizza and Motzerella Sticks.

Question: If you do not like Cheese then do you like toothpaste? Asked by Arcticpolar10
Answer: Although i do like cheese, I don't eat toothpaste out of a tube or anything weird like that, but i like it because it cleans up my teeth.

Question: What other games do you play? Asked by Stickie408
Answer: Believe it or not i don't normally play anything other then clubpenguin on my computer. I play Wii alot though, and i also play some PS3 games (Warhawk, Pixel Junk Monsters, probably no one knows either of those two games). Maybe some time in the future i could have a party where i could give out my wii friend code on this and we could all race eachother on Wi-fi in Mario Kart, or play Super Smash Brothers or something like that.

That wraps up all the questions everyone asked me. But the one question I asked you was Do You Think I Should Have Mods. The Answer. Will come soon.

Edit* Sillysparkie is the winner of the random translate thing. haha you win nothing. but good effort!


  1. Hey wagon it's me stickie408 im gonna be a member i still dont know which account go to my stie to vote! plzz i really need help!

  2. do the one people know you most for. Don't do a random account not as many people have you for.

  3. ture
    im doing serfio because it has the most stuff

  4. hi Happywagon! I am chocomint67! So you like cp right? If you do follow my blog cpcheatzalot.blogspot.com! Ps... Cool blog!

  5. lol you like grilled cheese and mozzerela and ther da only cheese i like LOL!!!

  6. I was wondering how to create my own blog. It would be a blog about cp. How do i get famous and create one


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