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Thursday, April 30, 2009


i love all the questions i got this time.

For now until i get redsoxgirl72's answers here are my answers

Question 1- asked by Nvidia101- Do you guys like webkinz?

Happywagon: Nope. I've never played it, and i have no desire to

Question 2- asked by Nvidia101- what is your favorite sport

Happywagon: my favorite sport is camel racing. haha jk jk. no it's soccer (UK's version of football)

Question 3- Asked by Fireball- what do you like to do in your free time?

Happywagon: HAHA i have no free time. it's all this, and homework. But in the little free time i have i like to go outside, or watch the office (i own every season!)

Question 4- asked by Fireball- What is your favorite animal

Happywagon: I like pandas... and Tom Hanks.

Question 5- asked by Fireball- what school grade was your favorite?

Happywagon:Kindegarten... Snack time AND nap time! ch'yea

Question 6- asked by Ninja Josh 7- What kind of books do you like to read?

Happywagon: My three favorite series are the percy jackson and the olympians series, The Bone Graphic Novel Series, and the Fudge series. Other books i like are The Tale of Desperaux, The micraculous journey of Edward Tulane, and Flush.

Question 7- asked by Tboyman- do you own a wagon?

Happywagon: I believe there is one in my shed or garage.

Question 8- asked by Stickie408- Do you like Mcdonalds & in or out.

Happywagon: I have seen a documentary about Mc.donalds food called "Super Size Me." After seeing that movie i have not eaten Mc.donalds, and i have a feeling i never will again. And if i did it would probably be in.

Question 9- asked by Stickie408- Do you like Spongebob?

Happywagon: I LOVE SPONGEBOB! some of my friends compare me to him all the time, becuase i am always very happy about random things. My favorite episode is Squidville, and my second one is Graveyard Shift.

Question 10- asked by Stickie408- Do you like Runescape?

Happywagon: I played runescape a few years ago and it never really caught onto me. My name on it was minime12 or something random like that. My brother was a member on it at one point and he was insanely good at it, but i don't find it fun.

That's it for my answers! the questions Redsoxgirl72 is going to answer will be

DO you like webkinz?
Do you play any sports?
What's your favorite TV Channel?
Favorite Food?
and finally, What do you do at school?

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  1. Cool, I know more bout you! Waiting for redsoxgirl now!

    -Tboyman(HICB MOD)

  2. No
    Pizza (of course lol)
    Get in trouble (lol)

    -Matthew722 (HICB MOD)

  3. NOW DO I WIN?

  4. i like spongebob way more than you ive got like every season and some other ones

  5. Have you read the warriors series?


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