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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Book Club Banner/MODS!!!!!!!!

So me and some other mimo chatters today decided to make an awesome book club. in it are some people who rock such as the following

BB Polo 745
Happywagon (me myself and I)

SooooOOOOoooOOOO... the moment you have all been waiting for. MODS!!!!!!!! yes... there will be mods. There will be five levels of Mods. Here they are.

1. A plain old average nothing special Mod.
2. A pretty good kinda average Mod.
3. A pretty goood kinda insanely cool Mod.
4. A pretty insanely cool awesome Happywagon Mod.
5. Tom Hanks Mod.

To become a Mod, just comment on posts, answer peoples questions (if they ask them) and put "Your name" (HICB Mod) at the end of every post. Enter contests, go to my parties. Be a good member of my site. You WILL NOT become a Mod just by asking. The first round of Mods will be announced in two weeks on Friday. There will only be 3 Mods announced then, so make sure to fight for the spot. Please don't make worthless comments just to say you left a comment, make sure it's relevent to the post. Another thing you can do is advertise my site on other sites, and tell your other clubpenguin friends about my site. Thanks and Good Luck To ALLL.

~Happywagon (HICB Presidento)


  1. Hey There,That sounds like so much!

    -Lolgabbyrock (HICB Mod) In training

  2. So much fun! sorry

    Lolgabbyrock (HICB Mod) In training

  3. Hey wat's up wagon that is so cool! i was there (serfio)

    LEt's do it again sometime well i sure hope im one until then

    ,Stickie408(HICB Mod)

  4. Thats awesome!Im going try to be one!

    Bb Polo745(HICB MOD)

  5. i guess i will try 2 b a mod too, i got nothin to loose

    -RedSoxGirl72 (HICB Mod)

  6. perhaps our friendship...

    jk jk.

  7. im going to do this, i mean seriously, it doesnt seem that bad. Anyways, im trying!

    Gamer12356 (CPG Mod, and HICB Mod in training) lol

  8. lol nice happywagon

    -RedSoxGirl72 (HICB MOD)

  9. what does HICB mean?

  10. Sjr17 said...
    what does HICB mean?

    kellie said...
    HICB means Happywagon's insanely cool blog
    Kellie(HICB Mod)

  11. Sjr17 said...
    what does HICB mean?
    HICB Means, Happywagon's Insanely Cool Blog!

    -Tboyman(HICB MOD)


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