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Thursday, October 1, 2009


ok... there's a good chance only like 2 people will read this post, and no one will comment on it seeing as like no one comes here anymore cuz i'm quitting :p and there's a very big chance this will not convince, ANYONE!... anyways....

PEOPLE NEED TO BACK OFF OF MIMO! Alot of people are saying things like "I HATE MIMO NOW, HE'S NO FUN AND HE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT HIS FANS!" and things like "MIMO IS SCREWING UP THE MOD LIST/MIMO HATES ME AND THAT'S WHY HE WON'T PRERMOTE ME!" and of course the world famous "MIMO MADE AQUA WIN HE'S SO DUMB!" well here's the thing...NONE OF THIS IS TRUE! first of all, mimo's posts really have no changed. and do you know what, he does care about his fans. Who wouldn't? when somone has a blog that succesful, the only reason is because of the fans, so why wouldn't he like his fans? He can't possibly talk to all of us on twitter! Then also i would like to point this out... Mimo is most likely around my ageish. (just guessing but he's been doing this for two and a half years now) and maybe like me, he kinda doesn't feel the same :/ PLUS! he's the only extremely honest blogger i know. Now some of you may have heard about this huge copyright issue with the weird glitch Sarapril (I think i spelt her name correctly) found in a dojo catalog and she discovered what the next item will be in the dojo catalog. she put her logo on the picture, so no one would copy it, but sure enough, people decided to copy it (no names are required) even some of the most famous penguins just copied her pic and edited her name out. ALL BUT ONE.... MIMO. Mimo gave credit to sarapril, and she rightfully deserved it. the Mod list i think mimo has decided to loosen up about. Plus alot of people are leaving now, so he needs to train people and keep them up on the list, and premote them to give them motivation. Then Goofy has been premoted SO MUCH because he deserves it after all these years. Trying to point everything out quickly here, also mimo didn't go on clubpenguin over and over, and vote for aqua. people did. not everyone knows who mimo is. they liked aqua they voted for it. not all the 8 year olds and 9 year olds who play cp really thought about it, but they liked aqua so they voted for there favorite.

THat's about it. Not saying i dont like any of you other famous penguins (CD, Jam, Tooly, You all rock... but i think mimo deserves this)



  1. Don't be so upset! I still go on your site a lot, I just can't keep off haha! I'll never forget all the great memories :) And about Saraapril, that is a good point, Mimo did not copy at all. Way to point that out.

    I think everyone got mad from the aqua party he had-it was boring and he ignored all mods and just started running around CP haha

    ~Crispymucho (Forever a HICB Mod)

  2. that sucks mimo is the best y would people say these stuff mimos blog was the first blog i ever saw and he was the person who incourge me to make my blog hes the best

  3. The Saraapril thing made me like mimo again, and i guess mimo isnt so bad, before we know it he might be quitting too


  4. ur right...

    -Cearch (HICB mod for eva too!)

  5. yeah mimo is cool and does links to ppl like saraprils blog where she posted the new thingo foer ninjas whenever i find something on other cp blogs i give someone credit like one time i gave mimo and 3jel97 credit for a white puffle pic!

  6. You got the Saraapril name almost correct :)
    BTW. I found her website.

  7. The first post was accually mimo, he was on chat with us. But i guess he had no clue there was a chat. Did you know his name is really mike? teehee

    ~Sand Flipper

  8. mimo is a stupid nerd that needs to get a life

  9. yea. MIke MOrgan. Ur right happy..........

  10. hmmz... very true...

  11. I agree for the most part. The only thing I don't agree with is the aqua part. Mimo DID affect the vote. I know he did.

    A retired fan
    AKA W----------

  12. lol i found ur site on Mimo Chat :P

  13. mimo is the first CP Cheats blog i knew and i used google to find the secret site hehe I was DeadyJr b4

  14. I agree.

    PS: I go to your site all the time, just waiting for post and vids, and look, there are 15 comments now!

  15. I did not steal from Saraapril! Check out my site and see for yourself. Hm.

  16. Happywagon!!! u need to come to my b-day party on cp!!

    Where Dock
    When November 17th (Tuesday) 2009
    Why: my b-day (exact date as cp party) :)
    Server: ice shelf
    Also i will leave on November 17th (one month after happywagon) Happywagon can u plz come to my b-day / going away party? i will mean alot to me! --Sjr17 (HICB Mod and foreva will be)

  17. new issue: he wont tell us the NEW secret sites:( its not fair! alking501

  18. thanks about saying a deserve it dude! you rock!! gonna miss you sniffle....


    you're friend goofy73

  19. Yeah man, your right. I mean, if it wasnt for mimo's blog i wouldnt of even found out of club penguin. Also, your site, so yea happy, your right.

    -Josh Master

    p.s. happy u da bomb!

  20. Hi Thanks for your Post :) Mimo777 is an HONEST Penguin :)

  21. Ya everyone back off Mimo he added me on Webosaurs and he made sure I knew that he did, he sent me a postcard on CP cause I was the only one who wasn't begging him for one, and he said my site was pretty cool. MIMO IS COOL!!!!


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