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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Goodbye Everyone :) Thanks for the awesome ride!

I've been playing clubpenguin for about 2 years now.... I can't believe how much these past 6 or 7 months my life has changed. I went from just being a kinda mimo fan and just your average penguin, to well being what i am now. Janurary was when everything begin to start. I had found Mimo Chat (for those of you who were around then, you have known me ever since the begining of this journey). Now i would go on mimo chat every once in a while and stickers wud come on and mimo every once in a while, I thought it was the COOLEST THING EVER! I thought it was wicked cool hanging with stickers! then one day somone came on started breaking the rules, so i had emailed mimo telling him that so nd so did this. The next day i go on nothing out of the ordinary..... and i realize IM A MIMO CHAT MOD! WOOT! People all of a sudden thought i was really important.... i wasn't though! I was just like everyone else.... then i decided 2become a cpg mod because i wanted 2 meet more people and make more friends. I LOVED BEING A CPG MOD! one of my favorite things ever! if you dont know about doing it i highly reccomend you try it! it's a great experience. I then decided 2 make this blog for all of my friends 2 hang out on. and well yea, i've made so many great friends along the ride! I know some people say i'm "wicked famous" or "rare" and stuff like that. I AM NOT FAMOUS NOR AM I RARE! I just got alot of friends. I love meeting and hanging out with my friends! i mean matthew722, freddyp9, matbolabc, sand flipper, faith flipper, tooblers, ray toolbear, cena, Kellie, jel, guitarking, wooperman, (idk if i could name everyone but im gunna try!) ninja josh7, arakezi, azzybazzy, pup320, stikie408, daddey, Mimo and all of CPG!, goofy73, mryomama, Dagamer, Frostylittle, Hedgehog14, Crispymucho, Saavy, ZXZ, Dex Dude, zinc, marquizi, penguina, Cearch, BbPolo745, Sjr17, Firestar9003, wiiwiiwii1, Juh76t, Unknown 2 U (one of my favorite new CPG MODS), Stickers303, Dooyaga, Penguin874, Lilac102..... That's all of em i can name off the top of my head! If i forgot you let me know and i'll put u up, but dont be mad if i forgot you because clearly i have TONS of people to remember.... You have all made my journey AMAZING AND UNFORGETTABLE! i'm 14 now and i have to grow up eventually :) You all are incredible people and will always be remembered.

There's one person whom i PUPOSELY left out of that friends list. This person supported me ALL THE TIME! and has been there since the begining and who is way WAY WAY WAYW WAY WAY MORE than a friend.... TBOYMAN! I haven't seen him around for a while, but I owe him this. He has done tons for me and he rocks!

anyways my 3 final videos will all be put up on this post later on along with 2 wagonites goodbye happywagon videos that rock! :)


  1. OMG WE WILL MISS U SO MUCH!! SOUNDS LIKE U HAD A REALY GOOD EXIPRENCE AND WE WILL REMEMBER U! If you ever need anyting, remember u no where 2 find us:)

  2. Thank you for everything you have done Happywagon, you will be misssed and we owe you a lot. Also HICB, what is Mimo Chat?


  3. Happy we will miss you forever and the memories will live on. We wont ever forget you. I made a video and you forgot to put my name up there. Bye happy. The spirit will live on!!!!!!!

  4. Happy, can I be on the list? lol, I think I dont deserve it, but ya, u inspired me to do PCPC, which was a great ride too, and it lead to CP Skool, which got a lot of views. Thnx for setting a good lifetime on CP for me Happy. Hopefully, the rest of your life will be filled with good hope :)
    AWW DARN I DIDNT USE 140 CHARACTERS--or wait thats Twitter ;)
    Wagonite forever

  5. That's touching Bro.
    We'll miss you. :'( AWW I MADE A PROMISE TO MYSELF I WOULDN'T CRY! :( Oh well. Have a good life Bro. See ya around.

    --Jamesbond98(Wagonite for life)

  6. Bye Happywagon, I will forever miss you, you were my hero and a awsome person/penguin. The wagonites will live on!

  7. Heh heh sorry I called you a creep

  8. Happy were all going to miss you forever! You'll never be forgotten by all those people you helped. You inspired me to do Guitarking97 Club Penguin Cheats which led to GK97 Productions, thanks for the great times and the awesome ride.

  9. Thanks, I'll a miss ya, I won't be on Cp alot, or anything, I kinda quit a while ago, just waiting for you. Hope you have an awesome Life!

    -Tboyman will miss ya!

  10. Aw I'm not there :(


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