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Sunday, October 4, 2009

my volcanoe theory.

BWA HAHAHAHA THIS IS HILARIOUS! it's not that long, but all the pics make it look like it's wicked long. :P
Everyone is making posts about theories on the volcano. I figure i mise as well. My theory is an epic quest. For humanity and peace all over clubpenguin. so it all starts with this. If you go to the dojo courtyard you see the volcano is clearly smoking, but inside in the ninja hideout, i discovered something NO ONE ELSE HAS POSTED ABOUT! THIS HOLE!

how far down does it go? is it deep? I had no clue! Sadly the only way to find out, is to jump down. so i stepped back started running to get a running jump into the hole, but as i was running, i tripped and fell and accidently knocked Azzy Bazzy into the giant abyss of a hole :o "HAPPY HELP!" azzy yelled at me. I got up and looked down the hole azzy had just fallen down. Azzy had grabbed onto a vine, on the wall of the hole. "GRAB MY HAND!" i yelled. then he grabbed my hand but slipped and fell. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Azzy and I both yelled. I had just lost azzy bazzy. I was sad. But i still had to find out about the volcano. SO I ATE A PUFFLE! :) A black one to be percise. for some reason that made the volcano go off! things started coming out it!

OH MY! IT WAS.... IT WAS... ROBOT MONKEYS! AHHHHH! THEY BEGAN ATTACKING CLUBPENGUIN! EVERYONE IN CLUBPENGUIN HAD BEEN KILLED BY THE ROBOT MONKEYS EXCEPT FOR ME, AND PUP320! WE HAD TO SAVE ALL OF CLUBPENGUIN! WE WENT TO THE SNOW FORTS FOR THE FINAL BATTLE! THEN THE MONKEYS BEGAN TO ATTACK! i threw snowballs, used my card jitsu cards, even ate food! then pup used his DNA Scrambeler on the robot monkeys! and the dna was seperated! they went from robot monkeys.... to king kong beating up a robot!

I waited long enough, and then once friday came, a path was discovered that led up to the volcano. this is what the room looked like. Cool. Right!?

BWA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA SO RANDOM! yea that prob. won't happen.

special thanks to azzy bazzy and pup320 for being there when i was taking pictures (and not even knowing you were involved in this)


  1. lol! Funny Happy! I love things like that! xD

    -Cearch (HICB)

  2. Hi again Happy wagon!
    Um... listen...
    FIRSTLY, I have no reason to spam!!!!!
    SECONDLY, I don't know hot to spam, understood???
    THANK YOU!!! :-@


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