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Sunday, October 18, 2009


Yea... that previous post was an extremely lame final post... i dont think i can consider that really my final post. I really didn't know that that many people out there cared for me. The other day. I was trying to figure out.... what makes me different than any other cp blogger? why did i get so lucky to get tonz of hits? then i realized it... as soon as som1 comes to my site, i, or one of my AWESOME hicb chat mods will greet them, and acknowledge them. multiple famous people with there huge chats no one cares when people say hey. Here, everyone is friendly. People after the party kept telling me that they were blessed to get to know me, or that i am really cool and nice.... I feel the exact same way about all of you. I have built a special relationship very few cp bloggers can do without thinking they are famous.... i really don't care. i could have 500 hits and all the same friends and still be happy. Right now, I see matbolabc and zinc01, and guitarking and well tonz of people on chat refreshing over and over to get me 50,000 hits! WOW! they are doing it out of kindness. Now i know it's technically not genuine 50,000 hits, but it's the thought that counts and i love the thought :) that's what friends do and im glad those of the kinds of friends i have made.....

Wasn't that a better last post???? lol!

The final happywagon videos will be posted in about an hour or two.

Here are the goodbye happywagon pictures from the incredible party! thank you all for coming you made it so incredibly awesome and showed me how much i mean to everyone!

:) This meant so much to me. Matthew722 will forever be my like omega best friend!


  1. Bye Happywagon, you have brought so much more things to do into my life, I love reading what you write and you will grow up to be a very well love and treated person and ppl will see that, may wagonites live on!!

  2. Happy is the nicest famous penguin. (creep)

  3. Teesa said...
    Happy is the nicest famous penguin. (creep)

    I was the one that said that -____-

    Whatever, Happy.... I have known you for about 8 months... You are one of the nicest guys I know, and you will be missed by so many people that you have touched.
    I don't think you realize how much you have changed all of us. Without this chat, I wouldn't know half the people I do now.
    Without you, penguin874 would not have CpSkool.
    Guitarking97 wouldn't have doomsday.
    I wouldn't have so many subcribers.

    You have changed the Club Penguin world for all of us, and you will NEVER be forgotten!
    Farewell, and it has been an honor to be a part of this site, the longest-running chat mod, and the first wagonite. Good luck in your future life, you are a great friend. :(


  4. GoodBye Happy you are the nicest person on cp
    youll never be forgoton youll always be remembered and you are also very funny!
    You are a good freind bye!

  5. Woah you quit a year ago!? I'm always to slow for everything. Well you were an awesome mod although I only commented on Mimo's site like a year and a half ago but not anymore... Good luck in your future life!


    P.S. Don't feel bad if you come back. We won't be mad lol. P.S.S. Happy Halloween!


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