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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fun while it lasted

Hey havent seen me in a while have u? Well since its the final weekend, I decided to make my final post (make sure u know this is RedSoxGirl72, NOT HAPPYWAGON, his final post will be tomorrow). Time goes by fast and things change. I completly respect Happywagon's decision, and I want to let you all know I'm pretty much done too. For some of the same reasons as Happywagon, I don't have time for much between homework, sports, tests, and other stuff. This blog was an amazing experience. It's hard to believe it all started in March when Happywagon reported someone on Mimo Chat. Then the blog took off, and now, just 7 months later, theres about 45,000 hits, and a bunch of fans who love this blog as much as I do. Ok everyone, so don't forget the party tomorrow! 56 of u voted that u are coming to his party on the poll, so let's hope u all come! Of course, just like almost every other party Happywagon has had, I can't make it. So um...talk to u people soon!
-RedSoxGirl72 :)

***Nice good-bye Happywagon videos Matbolabc and GuitarKing97 (if u want to see them look up "Good bye Happywagon" on youtube)***


  1. great videos.good bye RedSoxGirl72 and of course goodbye happy.will see u at the party


  2. I dont know if I'll make it today =( I voted yes becuz it was a maybe situation becuz of homework

  3. Hey Happy,
    I'm sorry but I don't think I'll be able to make it today. If I can't, than I want to say Good Bye for the klast time. You've been a great blogger, a cool penguin and an awesome friend, and I'll always remember you. Every time I look at something green, I think of you, which kinda creeps me out in a way lol! I've always understanded why you had to quit, even one everyone was mad at you when you anounced it. Everyone has to end their jounry sometime, and we have to move on with the real world. So for the last time, I wanna say...
    Good bye happy, have fun with life and try to tweet with me occasionly ;-)
    ~Frostylittle, President of CPN

  4. Hey Happywagon, I just wanted to say that you've been a great penguin, a great cpg modder, and most of all you're a great blogger. I know a bunch of you don't want him to go into retirement, but everyone has to sometime and maybe if he doesn't he'll still be too busy to blog and mod and then it will just be as if he retired anyway. So goodbye happywagon, you may be leaving this world into unknown territory, but all your hard work will live on forever!!!


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